Control your home wherever you are


Always know what is going on at home, in your company or your car. You can set the alarm, start the watering system or control operations with your company cars, all through the MyJABLOTRON app, which is available in mobile and web versions.


What MyJABLOTRON can do for you

You can watch and control our devices remotely through the MyJABLOTRON app.


Easy to use

Our app is as easy to use as our alarms are - the “traffic lights” will show you which devices are currently active. Opening the garage door for a visitor or starting a watering system while away on your holiday can be done by pushing a single button.


Event notifications

Push notifications on your phone will immediately warn you in the case of an emergency or temperature drop. A single look at your display will reassure you your children arrived home safely from school.


Current information

You will have access to important data, such as car location, power consumption or temperature graphs, wherever you are. You can see images from sensors right on your phone and make sure everything's all right.


The number of people using the MyJABLOTRON app all around the world.

85 thousand

The number of devices connected to MyJABLOTRON.

9,5 million

The number of notifications sent by MyJABLOTRON each month.

How to control the MyJABLOTRON app

You will have an overview of what is going on at home, in the office, in your car or your summerhouse. All at hand.. You will be able to control all your installed JABLOTRON devices in one place, wherever you are.

Our app is able to

  • Show you an overview of all Jablotron devices
  • Control your alarm in the same way it would when using a keypad
  • Display images from detectors in the apartment
  • Show you the current state and location of your car on the map
  • Protect your summerhouse or garage

3 ways to control MyJABLOTRON

The MyJABLOTRON app works in smartphones, tablets and internet browsers on your computer.

Mobile app for smartphones
Web app for browsers
Web app for tablets

Control your MyJABLOTRON app up to 5 times faster thanks to new widgets!

How to install – iOS

How to install – Android

What are the conditions of using the application

All you need is to register your JABLOTRON 100+ alarm, JABLOTRON car alarm or e.g. your GSM controller or alarm for your holiday home or garage to the JABLOTRON cloud services. The communication between your alarm and JABLOTRON Cloud is established via an encrypted channel and may be subject to charge. Particular conditions depend on the selection of your internet connection and its provider.


I want the MyJABLOTRON app and I already have a JABLOTRON alarm.

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I want the MyJABLOTRON app but I don’t have a JABLOTRON alarm yet.

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